KSB expands water pump range.

In response to the increasing demand for larger water transport systems and higher volume flow rates, KSB Group has expanded its RDLO pump type series with 12 new sizes.

These latest pumps can handle flow rates of up to 20,000m3 per hour and heads of up to 300m, catering to various pumping station needs worldwide for clean water transportation.

Featuring axially split volute casing, these pumps are designed to balance radial and axial forces efficiently, ensuring a prolonged service life. The utilization of large rolling element bearings with minimal loads results in lower energy consumption.

Additionally, the solid bearing brackets attached to the casing’s upper part, along with a sturdy shaft, promote smooth and low-vibration operation, reducing stress on bearings, seals, and pump-motor connections significantly.

The series is engineered for easy maintenance, incorporating a self-centring upper casing part and a spring-loaded rotor that facilitate cover and rotor mounting without additional adjustments.

Moreover, the RDLO pumps are versatile, capable of handling seawater applications by utilizing materials like duplex steels, grey cast iron, and nodular cast iron.

Source :KSP

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