KNF expands its series of diaphragm pumps with Smooth Flow

KNF Neuberger Inc is expanding its Smooth Flow series by introducing FP 7 and FP 25 pumps.

The FP 7 and FP 25 pumps offer adjustable flow rates of 15–70 ml/min and 50–250 ml/min, respectively, and both can produce up to 1 bar (14.5 psi) pressure. Additionally, the high-pressure FP 1.7 and FP 25 versions can achieve nominal pressures of up to 6 bar (87 psi).

These pumps feature an integrated, space-saving damper that provides smooth, low pulsation flow, minimizing flow resistance, reducing vibration and noise, lowering liquid shear forces, preventing bubble formation, and reducing stress for longer pump and system component life.

They also include 4-point valves for reliable self-priming even at reduced motor speeds, and a digitally adjustable BLDC motor for precise pump control.

Options include flow path materials, fitting connections, pump mounts, motors, and boxer configurations.

These pumps are well-suited for applications such as medical equipment, inkjet printing, 3D printing, fuel cells, and solvent handling. They join a growing line of KNF Smooth Flow pumps with a nominal flow rate range from 15 ml/min to 12.4 l/min.

Source: KNF

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