GHD Appoints Andrew Reynolds as Leader of their Australian Dams Division

GHD, a prominent professional services firm, has named Andrew Reynolds as the Australian Dams Leader. His role will enhance the dams sector’s contribution to communities and revolutionize how projects are executed.

Andrew, stationed in Canberra, is an esteemed figure in dam engineering, boasting three decades of expertise in overseeing significant water infrastructure projects.

He has held the position of Chair for the Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD), the leading industry organization for dam engineering in Australia.

His extensive career covers various regions and roles, including his most recent positions as Executive Director and interim Chief Executive of the Murray Darling Basin Authority.

 “Andrew’s reputation as a highly esteemed expert with exceptional leadership skills is well-known. His unique client-focused approach and commitment to advancing GHD’s technical prowess in dam-related services, in unison with our water infrastructure division, will greatly benefit our clientele and their communities,” stated Lindsey Brown, GHD’s Australian Water Market Leader.

 Lindsey Brown, GHD’s Australian Water Market Leader, expressed: “It’s a pleasure to select an individual with a remarkable history of fostering diversity and inclusion, alongside a solid foundation of stakeholder connections. Andrew’s decision to join GHD, despite having the credentials to work anywhere in the sector, fills us with pride.”

“GHD’s distinguished history of serving the Australian dams sector, coupled with our extensive regional presence, affords me the chance to collaborate with a diverse range of clients nationwide. My comprehensive background in the public sector of dam ownership equips me to prioritize and address the core concerns of dam proprietors. This includes championing significant investments in new and existing dams, ensuring sound governance and management, tackling climate change challenges, striving for net-zero emissions, and engaging with stakeholders. I am driven to provide a perspective that aids our clients in overcoming their varied obstacles,” Andrew explained.

GHD commands the largest specialized dams engineering team in Australia, responsible for landmark projects throughout the nation for over nine decades.

With established teams in the Americas and the United Kingdom, GHD now offers global dam engineering and safety management services, working intimately with clients and stakeholders at every stage of the project to deliver secure, inventive, and economically viable solutions.

source: GHD

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