GapVax VHX : Standing Out with its Revolutionary Design


When it comes to equipment for hydro excavation projects, GapVax VHX stands out from the crowd. this unique design sets these trucks from all other options available in the market.

Not only do these trucks last the longest, but they are also the easiest to work on and have the highest resale value. Let’s take a closer look at what makes GapVax VHX the best choice for your hydro excavation needs.

Superior Vacuum System and Filtration Design

Superior Vacuum System and Filtration Design


At the heart of GapVax VHX is its advanced vacuum system. With wet/dry filtration, this system ensures quiet, reliable, and efficient operation.

this superior filtration design includes ultra-efficient cyclone separators and long-lasting filter bags, ensuring that you can work confidently without worrying about dust or debris. ( Read more about filtration  )

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

GapVax VHX is designed to outperform the competition in every aspect. With a 13 GPM, 3,000 PSI water system, you can dig confidently and efficiently.

Additionally, this offers an optional 200 CFM air compressor system, providing you with even more flexibility for your excavation tasks. The full-tilting debris body allows for quick unloading and easy cleanout, saving you time and effort at the dumpsite. ( Read more about water infrastructure )

Compliance and Adaptability

Staying road legal is crucial for any hydro excavation project, and GapVax VHX ensures that you meet all necessary regulations. these trucks deliver optimum weight distribution, making them compliant with “Bridge Law” regulations in states that enforce them.

With a 15,000 lb. payload and a low-profile design of 12′ 2″, GapVax VHX is the ideal combination for all-around hydro excavation projects.

Whether you need hydro or air excavation, GapVax VHX has got you covered. This weight-conscious hydrovac is designed to handle any task efficiently.

The optional vertical, heated cabinet keeps the water system functional even in harsh winter conditions. And if water is not available or suitable for your situation, the optional 200 CFM air compressor system ensures that you can continue working without any interruptions.

GapVax VHX is truly a versatile addition to your fleet.

GapVax VHX  Built for Operators, By Operators

GapVax understands the importance of operator comfort and efficiency. That’s why VHX boom is optimized specifically for hydro excavation. With an 8″ tube in tube design and a 22′ reach, it allows for precise and effective excavation.

The boom also features a 15° downward pivot, providing operators with enhanced control and maneuverability.


GapVax VHX is the ultimate choice for hydro excavation equipment. Its unique design, superior vacuum system, unmatched performance, compliance with regulations, adaptability to various excavation methods, and operator-centric features make it the best-in-class option.

Choose GapVax VHX and experience the difference in efficiency and productivity for your hydro excavation projects.

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