ENGIE’s Yanbu 4 IWP close to full commercial operations and achieves 24 million safe man hours.

ENGIE has achieved a remarkable safety milestone of 24 million safe man-hours without a Lost-Time Accident (LTA) at the Yanbu 4 Independent Water Project (IWP). This feat precedes the project’s imminent full commercial operations scheduled for 2024.

Luis Pascual, CEO of Yanbu 4, commented on this achievement, saying, “Today’s milestone is significant to ENGIE’s policy of ‘No Life at Risk’. The 24 million safe man-hours reflect our dedication to maintaining and enhancing safety protocols, ensuring that every team member returns home safely each day.”

Mohammed Al Hajjaj, CEO of Engie KSA, explained, “ENGIE is not just about leading in energy and desalination; we are a leader in this industry and set the standard for safety and responsibility. The accomplishment at Yanbu 4 sets a new benchmark for the industry and highlights our capacity to handle large-scale, complex projects while prioritizing the health and safety of our workforce.”

The Yanbu 4 IWP, developed at a cost of SAR 3.3 billion, represents a significant stride towards sustainable infrastructure development.

Helmed by ENGIE alongside Saudi entities Nesma and Mowah, the project is equipped with cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology powered by solar energy, designed to produce 450,000 m3/day of potable water, catering to the water needs of both Makkah and Madinah.

Source :Zawya

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