Curtiss-Wright and Petrobras team up on subsea seal-less canned motor boosting system.

Curtiss-Wright Corp has entered into a technology cooperation agreement with Petrobras to design, manufacture, test, and provide operational support for a subsea canned motor boosting system to be deployed mudline in the Campos Basin, Brazil.

The two companies are collaborating to develop a subsea boosting system for unprocessed hydrocarbon fluid comprising a mixture of oil, gas, and particulates to operate at a water depth of 1,500 meters.

Utilizing Curtiss-Wright’s canned motor technology and Petrobras’ expertise in flow assurance and offshore hydrocarbon production and processing, the subsea boosting system is expected to meet field requirements effectively and reliably, offering an alternative to existing subsea pump technologies by reducing unplanned outages and production interruptions.

“We are excited to be working collaboratively with a leading technology developer and experienced end-user of downhole pumping and mudline boosting systems for demanding applications,” said Lynn M Bamford, Chair and CEO of Curtiss-Wright. “These efforts will enable us to apply our established expertise in canned motor technology to this related market, facilitating an all-electric subsea production system and providing significant value to Petrobras.”

Curtiss-Wright’s canned motor pump technology is anticipated to support reliable subsea production with fewer topside support systems and the flexibility to deploy these systems on lighter weight, lower-cost vessels that are more readily available compared to the larger handling vessels currently required.

This “topside-less” technology aligns with Petrobras’ goal of all-electric subsea boosting systems to enable long tie-back production arrangements.

Design, manufacturing, and water-based testing for the first subsea canned motor boosting system are being carried out at Curtiss-Wright’s facility in Cheswick, Pennsylvania within the company’s Naval & Power Segment. Multiphase testing with hydrocarbons will occur at a facility in Brazil.

The initial subsea canned motor boosting system is expected to be operational by 2027.

Source :Curtiss-Wright

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