Connexin and NYnet to Expand IoT Wireless Network in North Yorkshire

Connexin, a smart technology and digital provider, and NYnet, a connectivity specialist, have entered into a LoRaWAN® network sharing and operations agreement to swiftly expand the IoT network infrastructure throughout North Yorkshire.

This collaboration and enhanced capability will enable both organizations to enhance the network’s reach, serving more customers and delivering greater benefits to residents and communities.

Currently, NYnet’s LoRaWAN network covers 85 percent of North Yorkshire’s geographical area. Through this partnership, Connexin will expand LoRaWAN® connectivity by adding 57 gateways, supporting the implementation of a new smart network as part of the Yorkshire Water advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) rollout.

For NYnet, an organization owned by North Yorkshire Council, combining its network with Connexin’s established LoRaWAN® network will bring a variety of benefits to residents.

NYnet can utilize the network to support all aspects of council operations, including social care, parking, public health, and other initiatives such as parking, waste management, and air quality monitoring in schools.

Alastair Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at NYnet, expressed, “Connexin is quickly becoming the national leader in LoRaWAN® provision, and we are delighted to partner with them in North Yorkshire to help expand coverage across our region. We are eager to collaborate closely on this project and provide businesses, citizens, and organizations in North Yorkshire with opportunities to benefit from our extensive network offering.”

Ralph Varcoe, Chief Growth Officer at Connexin, commented, “We are incredibly enthusiastic about our new partnership with NYnet. This collaboration will not only ensure that more Yorkshire Water customers receive the services they require, but it will also enable us to expand coverage for other customers across the region through roaming with NYnet. This innovative partnership approach will further drive the digital transformation of the region.”

The partnership includes a revenue-sharing model agreement, allowing each party to freely roam onto the other’s network service at no cost, facilitating genuine network collaboration.

The first phase of the project, involving the installation of 57 new gateways, is expected to be completed by the end of April 2024.

Source :Connexin

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