B4T collaborates with Heliot for the installation of Sigfox-enabled water meters.

Heliot Europe, a UK and European Sigfox operator and independent IoT network provider, has teamed up with B4T to equip it with Sigfox-0G network connectivity for its smart water meters. Referred to in the industry as B4T’s Jellyfish smart water meter range, these IoT devices enable utility companies, organizations, and consumers to monitor water usage for improved leak management and precise billing.

B4T’s latest Jellyfish BRIDGE patent technology refurbishes water meters typically read annually, empowering meters and users to more accurately capture data hourly and remotely. This allows water companies and end users to enhance their understanding of acquired water consumption and leakage information.

The Jellyfish operates by recording and compressing data for effective transmission, ensuring a prolonged battery life in the field for these devices, lasting over fifteen years. Data transmission and connectivity utilize Sigfox’s low-powered wide-area network (LPWAN) technology, overcoming challenges with underground connectivity posed by traditional 4G, 5G, and WiFi options.

By harnessing weak, short-range “drive-by” radio signals and transforming them into a reliable, long-range Sigfox radio, data is transmitted more precisely, providing essential insights for management and billing teams to make informed decisions regarding water consumption, leaks, or other operational tasks related to their water systems. For example, in the event of a leak in a specific area, an alert can be established to notify a field service team to address the issue – or the data can be utilized to support billing processes.


Alex Barter, the Managing Director at B4T, said:  the water challenges in the UK, with 3 billion liters of water lost to leakage daily, which is more than a fifth of the total supply. This significant loss not only wastes a crucial resource but also has a notable environmental impact, especially considering that 3% of the UK’s energy consumption is required to transport water nationwide. Smart water meters play a crucial role in real-time leak detection, enabling water companies to respond promptly to issues, reduce wasted water, and make targeted investments. Understanding water usage habits is increasingly beneficial for consumers as they strive to adjust their behaviour and lower daily consumption.             

Furthermore, Barter highlighted that these devices cannot operate effectively or provide essential insights without cloud and IoT connectivity. After evaluating various connectivity options, it was concluded that low-power networks like SigFox offer a cost-effective model for smart water metering. By collecting real-time water usage data, sensors can transmit and process information using machine learning to provide unprecedented insights, supporting leak detection, prevention, predictive maintenance, and more.

Gareth Mitchell, UK Partner Manager, Heliot Europe said:  “IoT sensors and connectivity solutions are transforming industries and solving problems globally. They’re improving operations and making businesses and consumers’ lives easier. B4T’s Jellyfish smart water meter provides a prime example of how IoT, powered by Sigfox connectivity, is able to transform an industry. The UK has over 260,000 miles of water mains – many ancient – and so we continue to look forward to working together with B4T as they scale their operations and provide their technology to water companies and consumers.”

Heliot Europe operates the Sigfox 0G™ network exclusively across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, the UK, Denmark, and Liechtenstein, establishing it as the largest 0G™ network operator in Europe. Leveraging Sigfox 0G™ technology, Heliot Europe provides a seamless, user-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient network that facilitates companies in transitioning their business models towards digital services like asset tracking, monitoring, and supply chain management. Additionally, low-frequency radio technology serves as a cost-effective alternative to existing Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT and CAT-M) solutions.

Moreover, Heliot Europe grants customers and partners access to its comprehensive global Sigfox 0G™ ecosystem, featuring nearly 1000 sensors and analysis tools for data collection and evaluation. As a founding member of the 0G™ United Nations Association, an international organization comprising over 55 network operators worldwide, Heliot Europe actively participates in the advancement of 0G™ technologies.

source: Heliot Europe

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