Aquatech China launches full-service Exhibitor Concierge Service.

To enhance the exhibitor experience, the organizer of Aquatech China has introduced an exclusive Aquatech China Concierge Service.

This service is tailored to offer comprehensive support to international exhibitors, covering all aspects of their participation in the exhibition, from logistical arrangements to enhancing their stay in China.

The organizer acknowledges the challenges faced by exhibitors when presenting their innovations in China and aims to transform these challenges into seamless experiences, allowing international exhibitors to focus on showcasing their cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

René Bos, Exhibition Manager of Aquatech China, expressed, “We understand the complexities of exhibiting in China, but we also recognize the significant benefits it offers to participating companies.

We are excited to introduce the Aquatech China Concierge Service, demonstrating our commitment to providing our exhibitors with an unparalleled experience. With this service, we aim to eliminate any barriers to success, enabling our international exhibitors to maximize their participation in the exhibition and appreciate the beauty and culture of China.”

The Aquatech China Concierge Service provides a wide range of customized services to address every question and requirement. These services encompass essential exhibition preparations such as electricity ordering, stand design, and arranging for translators and hosts.

In addition to addressing the personal needs of exhibitors, the service also offers visa assistance and fulfills tourist or shopping requests (especially before Christmas).

This service is a collaboration between RAI China and RAI Amsterdam, bringing together an international team of experts dedicated to supporting exhibitors.

Leveraging global expertise and local insights, the team operates through RAI’s own office in Shanghai, RAI China, ensuring prompt and efficient service for exhibitors, regardless of their needs or location.

Source :Aquatech China

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