Aira launches new heat pump with smart home energy solution.

Swedish company Aira, specializing in clean energy technology, is introducing the Aira Heat Pump equipped with cutting-edge smart technology to transition Europe away from gas and expedite the electrification of home heating.

The Aira Heat Pump, along with a comprehensive service package, offers an economical monthly payment plan, no initial expenses, and a 15-year ‘Comfort Guarantee’ encompassing performance, product, and installation warranties. By opting for this solution, customers can immediately reduce their heating expenses by up to 25% and lower household CO2 emissions by a minimum of 75%.

Employing a digital-first strategy, the pump is managed through a user-friendly app and a stylish thermostat, providing essential functions at the tap of a screen.

Martin Lewerth, CEO of Aira Group, expressed, “The introduction of our innovative Aira Heat Pump signifies a significant milestone in Aira’s mission to cater to five million customers throughout Europe in the next decade. Heat pumps have been prevalent in Scandinavia for years, and we are thrilled to introduce modern heat pump design and technology to a broader European audience.”

Kaj af Kleen, Aira’s chief product and technology officer, stated, “During the development phase, our design team focused intensely on creating a straightforward system that would appeal to any individual or family. We have crafted an intuitive app for managing home heating, offering customers peace of mind with features that enhance efficiency, leading to savings in both costs and CO2 emissions. Our aim was to design the next era of heat pumps – an elegantly designed and intelligent system available in various sizes suitable for any residence – and we have accomplished just that.”

Source :Aira

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