ACCIONA finishes building the Pachucútec sewage treatment plant in Peru.

ACCIONA has successfully concluded the construction phase of the Pachacútec Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the Ventanilla district of Lima, Peru.

This forms part of the third stage of the ‘Drinking Water and Sewerage System Expansion and Improvement Plan’ within the Pachacútec Macroproject, supported by SEDAPAL.

Construction was finalized in November 2023, meeting the established deadlines with the client. Subsequently, the commencement of operations for this significant project took place, aimed at treating wastewater to release it into the sea free from contaminants.

ACCIONA will oversee the operation and maintenance of the WWTP for a 12-month period starting from February of this year, post-completion of commissioning tests.

The Pachacútec WWTP comprises two primary components: the treatment facility itself and the discharge of treated effluent into the sea via an underwater outfall. The discharge point is situated on the coast at Pachacútec (north of Lima).

Throughout the construction and commissioning phases, various authorities, representing the Board of Directors and Project Team of the Lima Water and Sewerage Service (SEDAPAL), as well as the Pachacútec Supervisory Consortium (CSP) and the Comptroller General of the Republic, have visited the plant.

Concurrently with construction activities, ACCIONA has implemented a range of social programs targeted at the local community as part of the project’s Social Impact Management system. In doing so, the company aims to contribute to environmental protection, enhance the quality of life for individuals residing near the plant, and fulfill the criteria outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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